I began writing poetry thirty-eight years ago. I studied at San Francisco State, obtaining my BA and MA in Creative Writing before I was hired to teach there for two years. I’ve been published in many literary journals in the United States and Europe and have three limited edition books in print in collaboration with sculptor, Manuel Neri, for whom I’ve been his primary model. About twenty years ago I bought a camera and took up photography, then did the same with paint and took up painting. Since I have an extensive education in writing poetry and short stories, I wanted to “feel” my way to photography and painting. Sometimes they feel their way to the trash can and sometimes I’m pleased with the results and some of those I’ll post on this website.

Shortly after I began modeling for Manuel Neri, I started collecting what were vintage clothes then and are even more vintage now. I collected them initially because I loved the clothes the women in 40’s movies wore and no one was making anything like that in the seventies. They weren’t called “vintage” then. They were just cool things a few of us “hippies” culled from the Goodwill or the Salvation Army. That was before shopping in those stores was commonly accepted so there were tons of treasures there. I’ll be selling those treasures on this site as I’ve discovered “vintage” on an old woman makes me look like I’m part of the “vintage.”

Mary Julia Klimenko