April 15


What do you mean the banks of the river? Are you the banks of Diego Rivera? I will be remembered throughout history and already my little Frida has forgotten. Who found you in that wretched Catholic school? Who first put a paintbrush in your hand? Made you understand colors like mangoes and papayas? And now you have become the banks to contain me? No, Frida, you have forgotten the real truth. You are a stone in the mighty river. A lovely speckled stone. You are anchored by your nature, not by where the river goes. You like being worn smooth by the river. Each year you grow more beautiful. I will not tolerate your foolishness. The river must flow endlessly. What would happen to the river if it stopped simply because the stone commanded? I tell you, Frida, the river would become stagnant, the fish would die, and algae would grow. Then what would the lovely stone have to say? You say too much, Frida. You must remember how hard I work. How important my work is to me. Do not make life harder. Didn’t I buy you the lacquered horses you wished for from the market? Doesn’t Diego take care of you? Do not answer that. You have made me very angry. Remember that I have given you a place in my life. That the mighty river has never forgotten the stone. Doesn’t that count for something? For anything at all?