Cowboy Love Songs 1


One more time I wait in the dark bar room at two in the afternoon

Hoping she’ll come soon before I’m too drunk to sweet talk

Worthless is what I am.  Two timing dog I order tequila and suck

Hard on the lime.  Hoping next time I look up I’ll see her pearly toothed

Smile pushing ahead of wild waving black hair coming through

The swinging corner door.  Dream is what she is.  Every man

Wants to be in her mouth.  Wants her warmth to burn its way in

Like tequila, going down smooth, unclenching the ache of want

Letting need have its way for a change.  My body and hers dancing

First here, later in the tall grass under hot sun.  Sweat, tears

Coming between us, wetting the way down.  What we hope for

Some afternoons.

Mary Julia c.2010