Cowboy Love Songs 3

Cowboy Love Songs Three

Righteous as the last ice cube

On a hot August day

She gives me the look

That says I better figure out the answer

BEFORE she asks the question

And at least apologize for having

FUCKED UP   big-time

I don’t know what it is this time or any time

But the words better come fast

Like a cowboy dancing the bullet dance

I got to move, cut her off at the pass, adjust her attitude

Get her sexual carburetor tuned up because

SHE IS the last ice cube in my hot August day

And I want her on me   melting and cool

Not cold but soothing against my sweating skin

And all of a sudden she’s through the door hot

And I’m talking, telling her about love and her beauty

Working myself into a symphony of fire pitched praise

She smiles and opens her arms for me to come here

Angels break into song at how good I am

At doing the cowboy two-step

Backing my ass out of the dog house, selling snake oil

Getting my pants off all in the same breath.

Mary Julia Klimenko c.2010