Cowboy Love Songs 4

Cowboy Love Songs Four

Her upturned face lightly freckled by sun

Her mouth ripe, juicy, and waiting for mine coming down

Her eyes open, innocent, vulnerable as light frost at dawn

Is why I like the dark best, where I can lie best, because I can’t

Stand to lie straight into that kind of face.  The kind of face she has

Deserves to have the truth, straight up.  I can’t give her that or even

A close cousin.  I can’t tell her about Pam, and Pat, and Fran, and Louise

And who I might meet tonight.  The truth is women’s lips are like berries

On a July bush, bursting ripe full of sugar and sweet juice.  Plentiful

Sugar angels.  Truth is I’m not choosen’ anyone as long as I can have

Them all.  Next year maybe, when my hair starts to thin, or I lose my job

When there’s more competition for the berries, then I’ll pick mine.

She’s first on my list, an innocent berry, not too soft, but all forgiving

And perfectly capable of kicking my ass right off if she finds out

Which is why I prefer dating her in the dark.  My eyes might want to end

It all this year.  Stop this berry picking feast.  My eyes might betray me

When she looks straight in right when she’s moving towards the kiss

She looks deep and my eyes might open wide, hostages trying to be heard

Against the will of my selfish heart.

Mary Julia Klimenko c.2010