Cowboy Love Songs 5

Cowboy Love Songs Five

Awkward, I do my best to steal her love one small kiss at a time

I took her outside of town to the hills where lupine are blooming

I spread my red and green Indian blanket

Holding her as close as bones allow I inhaled her summer scent

My face pressed against the curve of her throat

What promises will make this snake eyes feeling of love last

How can I stop the sun in its relentless march across the forget-me-not

Blue sky.  Open I whisper against the softness of her skin.

Open now and I will lock this moment in time forever

This moment of pure D love will catch in the middle of afternoon heat

The church will take up a collection for our poor souls that can’t or won’t

Come in from the picnic, just like in limbo, not suffering, but floating forever

In the gauzy haze of August, whispering, kissing, doing things God

Would rather not see.

Mary Julia Klimenko c.2010