Cowboy Love Songs 6

Cowboy Love Songs Six

The man should say soft words and want tender

Beginnings.  She should chide and dispute everything he says.

Things might be good if she baked a pie for dessert.

Warmed by means of conversation the woman should smile

And cup her breast insolently which gives him permission

To embrace her upper half

Remembering his lower half is the dream which should be kept away

The universal rule being he must first indulge in entreaties

Oaths, conciliatory words, and kneeling at her feet.

She will be induced to warmth and great generosity, which she calls

Love and he calls good luck at which point

They agree and embrace, making the floor smooth and polished

Just another woman, just another man, manipulating various parts

Of the body, every once in a while attempting to verbalize sensation

This moment of delight being another piece of the journey

Where they are strangers, enemies, lovers, just depending on the time

The mood, the shadows in the corner.

Mary Julia Klimenko c.2010