Cowboy Love Songs 7 From Her

Cowboy Love Songs Seven   From Her

How you held me down on that couch my face buried

Into the rough green nap stroking

My thigh with one hand while the other clenched

My hair as if it were your bridle and you were riding

Wild I thought I’d die from lack of air and sometimes

Tried to buck you off which make you think I loved you

More   Yes, that is what you said, “More.”

Only what I meant was for you to get the hell off me and stick

That feeble excuse for passion into someone who doesn’t

Get it.  On the other hand we could call it love, share

The rent, fight over whose turn it is to do the laundry

Change positions now and again and I promise to stop

The first time you say it hurts.

Mary Julia Klimenko c.2010