How I Move

Depends on how he moves so I watch and suddenly he puts his arm across his chest indicating passive resistance. I keep my knife up because I know what might happen.  He puts both of his hands on his belly, a gesture I recognize as a possible fake-out so I keep my knife up. Then I start to feel guilty so I put the knife down and pick up a small broom which I hold in the same position as the knife so he might think I’m about to clean something but I could still clobber him if he makes a move towards me.  Then I frown increasing my size to show him he should take me seriously and then he smiles and I know he is trying to disarm me and so I look sad hoping to convince him I am vulnerable but then he puts one hand up as if to say, “Stop” and I realize he can’t take being totally disarmed so I pick my knife back up and he reveals the knife in his hand and I realize he has not put it down instead worked some sort of trance on me so when he starts to disappear under the water I am not fooled into thinking he is turning into something conscious and aware but rather he is sharpening his knife so I turn into a snake and slither away.