If Night Stayed Open

Storms exaggerate the river

Unfolding night

As shameless as a woman

Committed to her own pleasure

Enduring long months of hail

Rain, wind howling

As if the Gods play liar’s dice

Throwing down hail and thunder

A fate I embrace

The violence of passion

Is what I want

As twilight falls against wet grass

Water droplets hang from pine needles

And form in the palms of upturned leaves

Turbulence tumbles granite boulders

A new geography, sinewy shoreline

S shape of unconscious energy

I want the unpredictability of the absence of light

My breast against the inside of my hand

Nipple to palm like leaf to tree

Stone to river, raven to sky

My hair against the curve of my back

Your thigh inside of mine

As my mouth covers yours

I don’t want you to speak

Shattering the exquisite darkness

Coming long after midnight

Your hand around my wrist

Your face pressed into my skin

If night stayed open

I would live in the sound of storms

The color of dreams

Lie in tangled sheets

Wet with sweat and lust

Listening to wind flying hard

Against the sharp white edges

Of snow.