Manuel Neri & Mary Julia Klimenko Photo Gallery


VLUU L310 W / Samsung L310 WWall of Manuel’s Studio



Walla Walla 2002Mary Julia & Manuel Neri at Walla Walla Foundry, Washington



Sarah daughter BrideMJ&Man,8,02Manuel Neri, Sarah, Mary Julia’s Daughter at Her Wedding, Mary Julia



Remaking of Mary Julia 80 Langton Street, 1970sManuel Neri, Sculpture for The Remaking of Mary Julia, 80 Langton St. S.F. Mid 70s, & Mary Julia



MJTrainItaly70s by ManuelMary Julia Photographed by Manuel Neri, Train to Carrara, Italy
MJ&ManBookFair,Germanyt, 2000Manuel Neri & Mary Julia at Artist’s Book Fair With Their Limited Edition Books, Frankfurt, Germany



MJ & Manuel at Arco Art Fair, Madrid 2012Bronze Sculpture, Mary Julia, Manuel Neri, Arco Art Fair, Madrid, Spain



Mary Julia, Manuel, Ranch 2005Manuel Neri, Mary Julia at Her Ranch in the Sierras for Her 59th Birthday



VLUU L310 W / Samsung L310 WPhoto by M. Lee Fatheree, Painted by Manuel Neri, of Manuel Neri & Mary Julia for Third Book, CROSSINGS



Mary Julia with Manuel, San Miguel de Allende, 1974Mary Julia, Volterra, Italy, by Manuel Neri


Mary Julia Paris by Manuel 2000Photo by Manuel Neri of Mary Julia at The Louvre, Paris, France



Mary Julia & Manuel, Florence,12,01Mary Julia & Manuel Neri in Florence, Italy



Mary Julia & Manuel Scottsdale 2005Mary Julia & Manuel Neri in Scottsdale, Arizona



ManuelMJBoston, University of Mass. workshopMary Julia & Manuel Neri Giving Workshop on Collaboration in Art at University of Massachusetts



Manuel, On our way to Iowa 2005 Manuel Neri at Denver Airport, by Mary Julia 2006


On our way to Iowa 2005

Mary Julia at Denver Airport, by Manuel Neri, 2006



Manuel painting panels Benicia, Mary Julia modelPhoto by Mary Julia of Manuel Neri Painting Bronze Panels at His Tyler Street Studio



Manuel painting Mary Julia photo 2006Photo by Mary Julia of Manuel Neri Painting Photo of Mary Julia at Benicia Studio



Manuel & Mary Julia, Milan 2001Mary Julia & Manuel Neri, Milan, Italy



Manuel & Mary Julia Studio 2012Photo by Mary Julia of Manuel Neri & Plaster Sculpture in Benicia Studio



Iowa Lecture & Show 2005Manuel Neri & Mary Julia, Iowa State University



In the studio, 1980sPhoto by M. Lee Fatheree of Mary Julia & Manuel Neri Making Plaster Panels



Escalieta Iowa 2005Marble Sculpture, Escalieta by Manuel Neri, Permanent Collection of Iowa State University 2005



I am from the place where metal cable, pulled taut

across a cavernous hole in the earth, sometimes snaps

and breaks, slashing limbs and putting the upright to sleep.

You find something about that snap of steel whipping into

a wild and loose S curve that reminds you of kissing.

I am what men quarry in silence, hoping they live to find the road home.

I am what you long for, spun into the fabric of your dream as dangerous

as cutting marble from mountainsides. I am faceted and textured by nature.

You did not make me this way. Seized by desire

you determined to change me. Even after you imposed your will

using every tool you owned to alter me, I still resembled myself.

So you tried kindness, rubbing me smooth for days on end

until I thought I might disappear into the round shoulder of boredom.

You grew restless and wild as I ignored your tender advances. 

You stopped polishing, going back to your old ways,

chisel and hammer. Nothing transformed me in any significant way.

Here in the silence of granite hallways my mute and elegant presence

testifies to the arrogance of your hands, how they discovered raw material

the color of pale roses. Cut from the mountain by men

who cannot let what is beautiful remain beautiful without imposing themselves,

destroying what took thousands of years and density of bones to create.

Now you tell everyone you created me. You tell them you made me.

When we both know I could not have been made more perfect

than the moment before you touched me, when you wanted to touch me.

You found the smoothness of the curve of my spine

juxtaposed with the desperation in my eyes, aphrodisiac. You did

not want me to go away. Your hands did not stop seeking, feeling my surface,

my skin. I have been watching you for as long as it has taken you to touch me

and then more time than that. I do not have to touch you nor do I move towards you.

You cry out my name and it echoes a hundred, more than a hundred times

in the endless night made longer by the light of each star whispering my name

as pure light. Hear it? Not Greek or a variation of a word that means a broken

piece of clay. My name is a language you invented, beginning with touch

ending somewhere far away where you are dreaming yourself

into my heart, a man, cry to my echo, need to my offering, flesh to my shadow.

I love you deeply and completely no matter how many times you turn me to stone.        


Poem by Mary Julia, Permanent Collection of Iowa State University


 Book in Iowa 2005SHE SAID, I TELL YOU IT DOESN’T HURT ME, Limited Edition Book by Manuel Neri & Mary Julia



Arts Benicia Talk 2009Talk at Arts Benicia by Mary Julia & Manuel Neri on the Importance of Collaboration in Art



5-4-2005 Museum Luncheon Manuel's StudioSFMOMA Museum Tour, Manuel Neri’s Benicia Studio, Mary Julia & Manuel Neri



Madonna, St. Anne's, Seattle WashingtonBronze Madonna by Manuel Neri in Saint Anne’s Church, Washington


Mary Julia, Neri Sculpture, 70'sMary Julia, Manuel Neri’s Plaster Sculpture, Manuel Neri’s Studio, Benicia