Don’t go out at night believing stars are beautiful

Know brilliance by its white-hot flame

What happens in the dark is as merciless as God

There is no release from the inevitable falling

Not even the illusion where he places himself

Between you and the descent

Confusion drives you unwinding the mountain road

Like your best spool of ribbon

So late at night everyone else has turned in

But the deer that stare stoned into your headlights offering

Themselves as an afterthought, you grip the wheel tighter

Not wanting to lose control you must remember this

Late night hallucination as fog illuminated by your headlights

Not a barrier between yourself and the free fall off the known map

Where you are battered but picked up and held

Hearing the skid in your skull is so much better than fear of feeling

Just let go of the illusion, momentum carrying you over the edge

To hell with braking, give in, so easy, like turning your face up

Shiny and open as the back lit moon

Falling finally not into the old and safe dream

But into the arms of your Nightmare

He has been waiting so long and you are so tired

Of resisting.