An entirely ordinary person who saw her fate reflected in her situation

He did not like this for long and enjoyed holding her up to the accidental light

Savoring the image of himself reflected in her luminous skin and shadow

The Portuguese allowing in song that cannot be literally translated

How bird’s wings alter the sound of wind, curving air into bands of paler air

How if she had not watched these birds wheeling in sudden turn

She would not have been able to hear what he wanted to say with his gesture

His palms turned upwards, left empty no birds able to open light into sound

Unable to hold onto her quick dark eyes, her fear of him going beyond hours

Afternoon turning on itself into her singular sharp statement of despair

To make the day on fire transforming words into what she wants to find with him

A place where she cannot speak and her tears are counted as part of the river

A Fado, slow melancholy song of bittersweet longing, the sorrow of woman

Attached to her despair because it is familiar and enormous, the fruit of angels

She wants you to believe with your soul and to take up water with your hands

Stand here on the sea shore, watching birds alter light with sudden turn of wings

Slip your fingers around her wrist, a bracelet, a circle, make the impossible possible.