Might describe the time between light

Darkness can only be known from the inside

I cannot afford the luxury of despair

You are not coming no matter what color

Night falls into a melancholy abyss where sound is lost

The tide might change when the train leaves the station

Coming in or going out doesn’t matter anymore

This loneliness cuts deeper than the memory of you

Against my skin an eidetic image

Of sweat, salt, love the only way I know it

Hard and unpredictable who could have known

And if we had we would have savored the delicious moment

Touched for the emptiness of now

The heart still in the chest listening to itself listening

For the silence of skin against skin

Where love is deep and running wild like the red poppy

Against all odds I cannot find my voice

In this punishing twilight of winter

I am locked in a room with no language

And cannot even call your name.