With Such Sudden Heat

he took my breath. I knew that

                                    stranger walking out

 the door          those restless eyes      the smell of corn fields

            where everything is flat and forever    I imagined I was the first

keeping one eye on that distant water    shimmering at the end

                                                                                     of the never ending

             road     blackbirds, wheeling and turning back on myself

I don’t want revenge                           I want to fly

heat lightening                         a thousand birds tatter my sleep          I know

            the silence of rooms     as quiet as my grandmother lying in her coffin

hands folded    as if she had wings covering her breasts

            motionless forever                               an electric reminder

that  heaven is indifferent        I want to wake up       to stop

            falling              red silk                   is me leaning in the doorway

if he doesn’t come                   out of the rain  by midnight     I’ll leave

            the door unlocked          it’s too late      to ask his name

            nothing matters           but my mouth              his hands

stroking my thigh         skin against rain           a woman alone at midnight

standing in the doorway                      open to all possibilities.

Published in Green Hills Literary Review, January 2014